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EduProxi is the pinnacle of school management, offering advanced technology, user-friendly features, and personalized solutions. It simplifies communication, streamlines administrative tasks, and elevates the educational experience for all stakeholders. With EduProxi, excellence in education management is guaranteed.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To create a new user account, navigate to the "Users" section, click on "Add User," and fill in the required details.

Click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page and follow the instructions to reset your password.

Go to the "Students" section, select the student you wish to update, and click "Edit" to modify their information or "Add Student" to enter new student details.

To schedule classes, access the "Class Schedule" tab, choose "Create Schedule," and assign classes to appropriate times and teachers.

Yes, the software includes an attendance tracking feature. Navigate to the "Attendance" section, select the class, and mark attendance as per the date and session.

Yes, our software can automatically generate report cards. Access the "Reports" section, select the students, and choose the term to generate their report cards.

Use the "Messaging" feature to send direct messages to parents and students. You can also set up notifications and alerts through the software.

The software can generate various reports such as attendance, academic performance, and financial reports. Access the "Reports" menu to select and customize the reports you need.

The software uses advanced security measures including encryption and secure servers to protect all data. Regular backups and access controls further enhance data security.

For technical support, please contact our support team.
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EduProxi App - Available Soon EduProxi App, a comprehensive school management tool, is set to launch soon. Tailored for both students and teachers, the app facilitates efficient management of classroom activities, academic scheduling, and administrative operations. Stay informed about the release of EduProxi App and prepare to enhance your educational management capabilities.